How to use Google Search to Maintain and Change your Google Business Profile

Do you have a single account with fewer than 100 locations? In Google search, you may manage your Google Business Profile. Find out how here.

One of the most effective ways to help your company rank better in Google search results is to claim and optimize your Google Business Profile.

In the last year, Google has made several modifications to its local listing program, including the ability to manage your Google Business Profile straight from Google search.

Since 2017, people have been able to manage their business profiles using Google search. However, in recent months, the capabilities and functionality of maintaining and modifying your Business Profile in search have exploded.

Many business owners, however, are unaware that this management capability exists. Or they’re unsure how to utilize this new profile management system.

This is an issue. Especially because Google encourages retailers to utilize Google search to handle the majority of their Google Business Profiles.

Because the majority of firms with Google Business Profiles only have one location, Google suggests that they maintain it directly using Google search rather than through the Business Profile Manager.

If you’ve recently visited your Business Profile Manager, you may have noticed a blue popup inviting you to manage your Business Profile right from the search.

You won’t be able to manage your Google Business Profiles through search if you have more than 100 businesses in a single account. You’ll have to manage them using the Business Profile Manager in an old-fashioned manner.

You may manage your Business Profile straight from Google search once it has been confirmed, although it may take up to 14 days before you receive that option. (We’re hopeful that Google fixes this problem so that single-location businesses may manage their profiles right after they’ve been verified on Google.) However, until you’re allowed to modify your profile in Google search, you may utilize the Business Profile Manager to do so.

How can you get started maintaining your Google Business Profile?

The Business Profile Manager makes managing my business profiles very simple.

However, Google is pushing single-location retailers to manage profiles using Google search rather than the Profile Manager. This is where there is a lot of uncertainty, and additional assistance and directions are required.

Make sure you’re connected to the Google Account you use to administer your Business Profile before you begin.

Next, go to Google and type in your precise business name (you may need to include your city), or just “my business.”

Click View Profile if you have more than one profile and need to manage a specific Business Profile.

On the right, you should see your company’s Knowledge Panel, and on the left, the Business Profile management area.

The Menu and Chips are the two key components in the management area of search.

The menu allows you to manage your Google Business Profile in its most basic form. This is where you may make the majority of your profile changes, such as adding updates, adding items and services, and so on.

You’ll also see any updates and changes Google makes to your profile as a result of information it finds online – or user-suggested modifications.

The following are summaries of each menu section:

Profile Editing

What you can do to help:

  • Change the hours of operation, contact information, website URL, and other parameters.
  • Products and services can be added and removed.
  • Photos and movies can be uploaded.


Check your Google Business Profile insights, upload photographs, obtain a shortened URL to ask consumers for reviews, write posts, and more here.


You may read and respond to reviews, see information about inbound calls, read and respond to messages/chat, and answer questions asked in the Q&A section.


Various “chips” can also be found in the Business Profile management area. Chips allow you to upgrade and optimize your profile in a variety of ways.

Your chips may differ from those of another vendor. Examine the numerous chips accessible to you and discover what you can accomplish with them.

For example, if you click on the “Add outside photo” button, you can quickly submit a photo of your storefront or office building’s façade.

Make the most of your Google Business Profile with these chips.

What if Google updates the information on your Google Business Profile?

Google collects data from a variety of sources, including:

  • They have contracted with third-party suppliers.
  • User-suggested changes
  • AI.
  • Other internet resources (e.g., government databases, online directories/citation sites, the company’s website, information from people who answer “know this location” queries)

Google frequently compares the information in your Business Profile to what they discover online. If they discover inconsistencies, they may conclude that your information is erroneous and update your Google Business Profile.

If Google modifies information in your Business Profile, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the change.

After that, go to Google search and browse through the different regions of your profile’s menu section for a blue highlighted area. You can check what modifications Google has made to your profile there.

You may just click the Accept link if the revised information is valid.

Did Google make a mistake? If the modifications are incorrect, click the pencil icon next to the part you wish to modify (or fix). The information can then be edited. Keep in mind to save your work.

You must double-check your Business Profile regularly to ensure that no mistakes have been made.

The Best Approach to manage your Profile is thorough Search

Yes, there is some learning involved. However, after you’ve gotten used to it, you’ll probably appreciate the simplicity and functionality. And I anticipate Google will continue to introduce new features in the months ahead.



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