PPC Services In Dubai

We’re a PPC Agency Dubai that Guarantees Results and Value at Minimal PPC Cost Compared to Competitors in the Industry. Each PPC Services Dubai Focuses on Strategic Implementations to help you Achieve your Goals Exponentially.

Pay Per Click Management

At Digital Business Intelligence, PPC advertising agency Dubai, we provide a PPC management service to enable our clients to avail the most out of their campaigns, by having a little focus on every precised detail. We offer our clients an array of tailored strategies for businesses of all sizes that they allow the clients to have acquired and benefit from the best PPC marketing services UAE that then matches the goals that they look forward to for their campaigns.

Professional PPC Services​ in Dubai

In conditions where one is looking for a quick Return on Investment (ROI), then there comes a need for hiring exceptional and professional Pay Per Click (PPC) management services for boosting the visitor traffic to their website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model and here a publisher is paid by an advertiser whenever a link of an advertisement is clicked. While in alternate conditions, PPC is also known as the cost per click (CPC) model. Search engines such as Google primarily offer the pay-per-click model, and for PPC advertising, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and Facebook Ads are serves as the most popular platforms.

Flat Rate Model

This is the first type of Pay Per Click Management model, in this model, a publisher is paid by an advertiser with a fixed fee for every click. Different PPC rates that apply to different areas of the website are generally kept by the publishers. It is important to note that generally, publishers are open to having negotiations regarding the pricing. Very likely, a publisher is expected to lower the fixed price in conditions where an advertiser comes in offering a high-value or long-term contract.

Bid Based Model

In this model of PPC management, every advertiser is expected to make a bid with the maximum amount of money that they are considering to pay for a specific advertising spot. Later, using automated tools, a publisher undertakes an auction. Whenever a visitor triggers the ad spot, an auction is run. It is to be noted that an auction’s winner generally is determined by the rank, and not by the total amount of money that is offered. The ranks consider the quality of the content, and the amount of money offered by an advertiser, both. Hence, the content’s relevance is as important as the bid.

Where Should We Do Advertising?

Google Ads

Developed by Google, Google Ads is an online advertising platform. Google Ads is where advertisers bid for displaying service offerings, brief advertisements, product listing, or videos for web users. Google Ads can place advertisements in the search engines’ results like Google search, mobile apps, non-search websites, and videos (The Google Display Network), etc. Google ads provide the services under a pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model.

Facebook Ads

Within the Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook allows user to create their PPC ads. These ads could be video ads, standard photos, or even carousel ads (these are the ads where many different links are advertised within the same ad). Once an ad is created, it can further be used at a variety of spot-on Facebook, such as desktop, mobile newsfeed, sidebar, and audience network.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is catered as one of the fastest-growing social media platforms that acquire a huge worldwide user base. It opens advertising to all users, which allows businesses of all sizes to have their special business campaigns running. This is a highly visual platform, and the ads here are unobtrusive which is next to the organically shared images. Furthermore, the brands have a special opportunity to get very creative regarding their content considering the choices of formats.

Perfect Combination of Strategic Planning and Analytics

At Digital Business Intelligence, We consume the perfect and best combination of Strategic Planning and Analytics.
Conversion Tracking

It is important to track the conversions since tracking the conversions tells us about what the users are attracted to.

Cost Management

One gets ensured regarding getting the valued results from the campaigns through the best cost management techniques.

Right Keywords

To boost the efficiency of your campaign, finding a niche and the related keywords is vital for PPC Management.