GPT-4 Vs. GPT-3.5: What’s The Difference?

While GPT-3.5 is already a powerful tool, GPT-4 promises to be even more revolutionary.

In this blog, we will explore the differences between these two models, and why GPT-4 could be such a game changer in the NLP space.

The Basics Of GPT-4

The Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) series of models was developed by Open AI, a research lab focused on artificial intelligence.

However, while GPT-3.5 was a great step forward, it was still limited in its capabilities. That’s why Open AI has recently released GPT-4, on 14th March 2023, which promises to be even better.

GPT-4 uses a transformer architecture an advanced deep learning technique for natural language processing (NLP).

Transformer architectures allow models to read the text as a sentence and contextually understand the meaning and nuance of each word. This helps the model generate accurate and natural-sounding responses when interacting with humans.

GPT-4 has been designed to address some of the shortcomings of its predecessor.

For instance, it has been trained on a much larger dataset (up to 175 billion parameters) than GPT-3.5, giving it greater accuracy and a more sophisticated understanding of natural language

GPT-4 vs. GPT-3.5

Semantic Savvy

GPT-4 utilizes deep learning algorithms to break down complex language structures and provide meaningful sentences. This level of linguistic finesse enables it to work with dialects which is a remarkable characteristic.

While GPT-3.5 has a remarkable ability to generate humanlike text, the new version GPT-4 can understand and respond to different dialects in addition to emotions expressed by people in whatever they write.

This means that it can understand and generate different dialects, respond to emotions expressed in the text, as well as understand colloquialisms and slang terms.

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A Trove of Creativity And Coherence

While GPT-3.5 had some ability to create coherent sentences and passages, GPT-4 is a step further in its development.

The model can generate entire paragraphs that are creative and cohesive, providing the user with more vivid, lifelike content. This level of creativity and coherence can be applied to a range of tasks, from automatic summarization to question answering and even story generation.

Unlike GPT-3.5, which can only generate creative content, GPT-4 can create stories, essays, and poems that are not just creative but also coherent.

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Information Synthesis

GPT-4 can extract, integrate, and generate large amounts of data faster and more efficiently than ever before.

GPT-4 can piece together disparate pieces of information to construct a more holistic answer, whereas GPT-3.5 may struggle to find patterns amidst the data.

Unlike GPT-3, which did not cite its sources when generating text, GPT-4 now includes a feature that allows it too properly do so. This means that when the model generates content from social media posts and news articles to restaurant reviews and product descriptions it cites the sources it has used, making it easier for readers to verify their accuracy.

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Complex Problem-Solving

GPT-4 is equipped with the ability to detect and understand the context and draw inferences from it. This gives it an advantage over GPT-3.5, which was unable to do this.

GPT-4 has demonstrated its ability to understand and complete several unique tasks that required complex thinking and problem-solving skills.

It has an extraordinary capacity for solving complex equations and performing various mathematical operations, including calculus, algebra, and geometry.

In addition, GPT-4 is well equipped for handling subjects in the sciences especially physics and chemistry.

It is capable of analyzing complex scientific texts and providing insights, which makes it ideal for understanding the latest research.

Programming Potential

GPT-4 can generate programming code and can be trained to write complete applications, with a high degree of accuracy. It can also autonomously debug and refactor existing programs to make them more efficient.

The implications of this are huge, as GPT-4 could potentially automate a lot of the tedious and time-consuming work that software developers have to do. It could also reduce the time needed for a project by automating certain tasks and helping to quickly locate and fix errors in code.

With more development, GPT-4 could become a powerful tool for speeding up development cycles and creating complex software applications.

Image And Graphics Comprehension

GPT-4 has demonstrated a promising ability to understand the visual world.

Unlike GPT-3.5, which comments primarily on text, ChatGPT-4 can analyze and comment on images as well providing more complete coverage of a variety of graphical content.

This is an impressive feat given the vast range of visual information that is available.

Additionally, GPT-4 demonstrated the ability to generate multiple captions for the same image, showing an understanding of the diversity of expressions in language.

GPT-4 also showed great promise in understanding the natural language in graphics, such as diagrams or maps. In experiments, GPT-4 was able to interpret diagrams and correctly identify elements within them. It was also able to correctly interpret maps and generate a text-based explanation of the route depicted.

Depletion Of Biased Responses

GPT-4 is designed to recognize and respond appropriately to a variety of contexts and languages, making it less likely to produce offensive or otherwise inappropriate results.

The new model has been trained with greater sensitivity to certain words and phrases that may cause offense and will respond in more neutral or appropriate ways when confronted with such words or phrases.

It also makes use of techniques such as keyword substitution and semantic clustering to replace inappropriate words with alternatives that are more suitable, thereby increasing reliability and ethical responsibility and reducing legal liability for users.

The new version incorporates mechanisms that eliminate undesirable results such as profanity and racism.


GPT-4 is a significant upgrade over GPT-3.5, offering complex problem-solving compared to GPT-3.5.

With this upgrade, OpenAI hopes to make natural language processing more accessible for developers and researchers around the world.

This makes it an ideal tool for SEO services company Dubai as it can quickly analyze complex data sets and generate insightful conclusions.



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