How To Get The Local SEO Clients You Truly Want

Due to the ingenuity and strategy required to appeal to a local market, local firms are frequently the most interesting SEO clients to work with. Local businesses frequently need to go outside the box when attempting to rank locally, even though the fundamentals of optimizing Google Business Profiles, creating localized content, etc remain applicable. These kinds of client acquisitions also require ability. Attracting uplifting, aspirational, and proactive local SEO clients is great, according to SEO experts. These pointers can help you attract local SEO clients that you want to work with.

Start Conversations with Local Business Owners

I started looking for a nearby barber a few years ago because I was overdue for a haircut. After finding a barber with excellent recommendations on Google, I went to their website to find out more about their costs.

Unfortunately, when I visited their website, I was greeted by the message “Warning! Your connection is not private.”

I recognized this as the result of the company’s website not having its SSL certificate enabled because I am an SEO consultant.

I called them to make an appointment, and while I was there, I informed the owner that they were experiencing online security difficulties. I volunteered to set up their SSL for free because the owner was managing the website herself and was ignorant of the problem.

Later, she compensated my team to identify further technical SEO problems, and our engagement grew longer. The takeaway from this is that, frequently, striking up genuine relationships is the greatest method to draw local SEO business. The need doesn’t have to be as obvious as a site security problem, but if you can find one, chances are the company will be grateful if you let them know some problems are affecting their operations.

Identify Businesses Investing In Marketing

The marketing world is aware that clients with limited resources are frequently the most demanding clients. This is not to imply that having a tight budget automatically makes a client a bad one, but rather that having the mentality of “getting more for less” is frequently counterproductive when it comes to marketing. In other words, the clients who value marketing and are prepared to invest in it to accomplish a greater goal are your perfect local SEO clients.

To achieve long-term growth, they want to make the most of their marketing budget.

The company was otherwise on top of its GBP (Google Business Profile) SEO and social media marketing, but a simple error was causing site security difficulties.

Look for companies that fit the following requirements while searching for local SEO clients:

  • Do they have a responsive website? If so, does it seem to be updated frequently?
  • Is the company active on social media frequently?
  • Does the company conduct paid advertisements?
  • Do they continue to use content marketing and their blog?
  • Does it seem like they’ve done any SEO at all?
  • Do they often add fresh bargains, events, offers, etc. on their website?
  • Has their local search presence been optimized?

A business that seems to have made marketing investments is more likely to make a great client. You want a client who recognizes the value of marketing and will take an active role in the expansion of their company. Reach out to any nearby companies you’ve seen that seem to fit some of these criteria.

Attend Speaking Events, Webinars, and Networking Meetups

I like when your local SEO expertise speaks for itself. Instead of cold-calling business owners with a sales pitch, it’s preferable to first offer free, value-free assistance. This can be done by sending a cordial email or, in this situation, by imparting your knowledge at live or virtual events. Speaking engagements, more specifically speaking engagements and webinars designed for law firms, are one of the best sources of local SEO leads for my business (my target market).

Sharing your knowledge through a formal speech, an internet interview, a networking event, or a conference can frequently help you draw clients. And keep in mind that customers are frequently attracted to business owners who are proactive about attending such events. Here are some ideas for utilizing events to generate leads:

  • Discover events in your favorite market (if applicable). For instance, if your primary clients are software companies, you might want to attend Seattle’s DevOps Day. If you want to work with legal firms, however, the Coronado Annual Employment Law Conference can be a good option.
  • Request to talk. Take advantage of any opportunity to speak at an event. This can be a fantastic method to stand out and draw clients, provided that you feel at ease speaking in front of an audience.
  • Following the event, many conferences organize parties or happy hours. Some people host a lunchtime. This face-to-face networking can be quite helpful.
  • Speaking shouldn’t only consist of constant sales pitches. They will be stunned by your knowledge and generosity.

Connect With Business Owners on LinkedIn

A leading business-to-business (B2B) platform, LinkedIn assists professionals in creating new connections and locating clients. However, it is a platform that is frequently misused by marketers who bombard users with spam and cold calls. Stop being “that man.” Instead, make genuine contacts on LinkedIn with business owners to pique their interest in working with you. Here’s how to use LinkedIn to find clients for local SEO:

  • Improve your profile. Update your profile with a professional photo. Include information about what you do in your tagline and “about” section. To raise your profile, seek recommendations from previous customers and colleagues.
  • Post informative material. Post informative content, videos, articles, and photographs for your audience. Discuss issues, subjects, and tales pertinent to their business needs.
  • Send connection requests to neighborhood organizations and business owners. Please introduce yourself without mentioning your services. Imagine shaking hands with someone you just met at a conference. Don’t pitch!


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