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It’s the perfect time of the year to prepare a new guard of business cards. Time doesn’t stand still, and with it, ways of interaction between people are changing. We offer not only worthy replacement for standard business cards but also changed the very approach to exchange contact information.

Now, you need only one or several virtual business cards in your smart phone, which does not use up space in your wallet and do not need to be thrown away after use! We offer you the NFC business card, which is the new and the most practical form of contact information. This contact information will be quickly downloaded to smartphones of your interlocutors and will remain there for long time. The NFC card does not need daily updates, can be read from afar, and does not interfere with other contact cards in your wallet. Using our NFC business cards guarantees its owner an absolutely new level of interaction with clients and partners.

DIGITAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE provide you the best and handy business card feature. Despite the pandemic, Digital Business Intelligence has an NFC Smart business card for you. With our Secured Smart Card System, you can create Digital Business Cards on the fly in seconds.

  • System that protects data.
  • Create.
  • Write Your Information
  • Tap
  • Contact-less
  • Simple to Use Simply tap and go.

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    The other party only needs to tap or point their phone camera at your NFC business card.

    A Smart Digital Business Card

    NFC Card is elevated designed with a QR code and an embedded NFC chip. We use cloud technology, which allows you to upload, alter, and update your contact information from anywhere at any time.

    Our Digital Business Card App Eco-System

    Smart Card NFC Demo Video


    • Google Maps, Facebook, Foursquare, and other prominent search sites and apps are among them.
    • Take complete control of your business information so that no one may alter it without your permission.
    • Easily get rid of duplicate pin-drops and make sure they don’t reappear.
    • Frequency of smart Chip that has been developed to function with both iOS and Android.
    • Made of weatherproof PVC card plastic.
    • Any organization/company brand can be printed on both sides.
    • No additional software is required.
    • If necessary, use the card tracking option.
    • Ability to remotely deactivate the card in real-time.
    • Ability to alter the card content in real-time from Dashboard.

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