In UAE What Will Change with the Google Link Update

In Google search, the links are still the most important ranking element even though it has been long enough since the Page Rank defuncted and it isn’t updated for the pages. In the time then, significant progress was made by Google for recognizing the links that were supposed to deceive the search engines.

This article discusses the recent link algorithm update of Google and it advises about how the chances of being flagged for low-quality links could be reduced.

Launched in 2012, the first link filter that was introduced by Google was Penguin. and other link exchanges were banned by the search engine. It later stopped “crowdsourcing” on forums and free links coming from profiles. Guest posts and direct link exchanges were next in line.

Every year, the filter is updated by the Google representatives, and an increasing number of parameters are always taken into account which is for the detection of manipulation of the PS algorithm. After the release of Google Penguin 4.0, the situation with the filter changed significantly, which then in real-time began to work.

The Situation for UAE

For the UAE regions, Google filters have been easier and more loyal but now it is seeming to come to an end.

In the UAE and Middle East Internet, buying links on eternal link exchanges while promoting under Google is quite popular. Despite Google and Yandex’s sensors in the UAE areas, this simple link technique still works. With the same pinch, for at least 3-4 years, it has not been used in Western markets, which follows the prohibition of Google on all link exchanges as well as the subsequent assimilation of the resources that are actively purchased and exchanged do follow-links. Simple link exchange and crowds (spam) on the forums and profiles are slightly less popular.

In comparison with the West, in UAE the article marketing is extremely underdeveloped, and so the website owners as soon as possible are required to change their link strategy if they don’t want to lose an important portion of the search traffic from Google in one day.

Back on 26th July 2021, an announcement was released by the official blog of Google regarding the launch of the new update that is designed for combating link spam. After the updates of June and July, sites that were there placing or in other words, buying the spammy links started to lose ground. It started becoming critical to have the constant monitoring of the quality of the link mass of the site and later eliminating the bad links in time.

What is not supposed to be done now?

  • Buying links from Sape
  • Buying links to spammed profiles with commercial anchors
  • Buying (putting) anchor links on the unmoderated and spammed forums
  • Buying links from spam sites and other external exchanges that are selling numerous links to any subject: sites 18, IMs, casinos.

Google’s official blog clarified the types of links that can lead to manual penalties and downgrade a site in the search results. The new algorithms can apply to the outbound and inbound links, both.

What is now changed?

  • One can be penalized for the numerous affiliate links leading to the affiliate programs without the rel= “sponsored” tag. Placing a large number of outbound affiliate links will eventually lead to a downgrade in the search results.
  • Google can now understand the direct link exchange schemes better and can place the paid press releases as well as the sponsored posts. A large number of these sorts of links without rel= “ sponsored” will eventually take to a downgrade of the site in the search results of Google.
  • The English-language search and other regions and languages will be affected by the new algorithm to combat spam, as hinted by Google.

For SEO Dubai Optimizers in the UAE, what is New?

It is to be considered as a fact that in the Western markets, everyone is waiting for link building. Before, the process came to be much simpler. Any SEO company in UAE was expected to just have to go to the exchanger, buy the links through the simple filters and then look forward to seeing the significant growth in the positions. But, now, doing this is not enough.

What should be done now?

  • Don’t buy more than 30% to 40% of the link mass on exchangers and look for the sites that don’t directly sell the links. This is for engaging in full-fledged outreach.
  • As playing a proficient role of an SEO company in UAE, one should create their own PBM network and later track its performance.
  • To gain natural organic links, create engaging and innovative links.
  • Do not focus on the number of links but the quality of those links
  • Apply and learn the meanings of the words like Tier 2, Tier 3.


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