The Best Way for the Topic Experts, Writers and SEO to Work Together

Usually topic experts and SEO writers can work over making their tasks easier by asking different sort of questions that could help them figure out the best way to have a particular insight of the knowledge and topic expertise to further move forward with the tasks. The questions that are often asked are about the outline or rough draft of the ways one needs or expects the writers or topic experts to run with.

For setting topic experts and writers for a collaborative and productive relationship, the very first thing that could be done is to have them a freedom for defining their own processes. Usually, for the content generation processes, the writers require or want to have different interviews with the experts or their clients.

Considering the facts, it is noted that doesn’t matter as what the expertise of the writer is, either they are working as polar experts, C-level executives, software engineers, SEO thought leaders, or real estate agents, it is to be seen that every topic expert comes with their own preferences regarding how they want or need to share that knowledge. In many cases, some experts get too nervous regarding being interviewed. While on the other hand, others love to chat about their expertise in a particular area. But, what comes as to be most important is that the topic experts have a clear understanding regarding some key things about this relationship. Some of those are overviewed below:

Trusting the writer

It is expected by the topic expert to have a clear understanding regarding how it is not going to be an expose. They are expected to understand that the writers are brought to them who specializes in crafting an optimized content that could deliver their stories or thoughts or literary expectations in the best way possible. Whereas, the experts are required to have a clear understanding of the writer’s role and how they literally are there to try to make one look good.

Letting topic experts to choose how to work together

It is better to let the topic experts to choose a way how they want to work together with the writers. Topic experts can send in an outline about how they want their work to be done, research or resources, etc. At times, even the project management help, video conferencing platform, or assistance with scheduling can work in favor of the collaborative team work in between the writers and topic experts.

Topic experts get the final say regarding everything

Topic experts can have the lead on the writing process, reviewing the content, and catering all the little details about. The final sign-off  by the topic expert can be quite a relief for the writer too since they will have their work reviewed by an expert prior the submission or finalizing. While, the topic experts are expected to make sure that they review and approve the content in a way that it is built into the editorial workflow of thee topic expert and this then comes as an essential step that never should be missed.

Tackling it all together for expert-led, SEO-friendly content.  

For creating the great content, each person is expected to get involved in the process of content creation, letting everyone do whatever they are good at doing. Topic experts shouldn’t be forced to write if they don’t have any desire to write. While same goes for the writer, they shouldn’t be forced to inherently know SEO, either one should expert in such writers who already know or do SEO or invest in training their own up. Whereas, the writers are also not expected to be reading the mind of the expert or write PR fluff.

If there’s a requirement for producing top-quality, as well as expert content at scale then the content workflow should be treated as a publishing operation. It is important to make sure that every party have the necessary input, realizing the SEO insights, audience needs, company needs, and expertise are reflected in a sort of a clear brief for a writer, and the rest should be left on them in terms of content.

Later, the content creators should also be supported with an editorial process which will help them through the different tension raising issues around the copyright or the mistakes that later can harm the brand. If there is a steady stream of well-written, expert-led content optimized for discovery as well as conversion right out of the gate then the results are worth it.



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